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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
2:37 am
Just saying Hi!!!! :)
Monday, August 1st, 2005
10:29 am
Here we go finally!!!
And so on to the second part of this story :)

The next few hours of being chained, gagged and harnessed in the dark felt very erotic not knowing what sweet things my Mistress of the moment wanted of me and why I had been forced to be a shemale pony, but I was to find out!

The light suddenly flicked on and in He walked wearing a pair of high heeled boots carrying a bowl. He put the bowl on the rack and ran his hand over my saddled back " Has our little guest been enjoying her new home slut?" I nodded in reply and he pulled on my hair shouting " I didn't give you permission to respond bitch!" and with that he went to the wall to get what looked like a studded belt. I started to try to wriggle away but could go nowhere in my bonds and he just smiled " I need to give you one of my lessons in obedience !" He released my wrists from my ankles and ordered me to my feet where then my hands were fastened back to my sides and my reigns pulled close to the rack, he proceeded to thrash my cheeks and I let out a muffled yelp of pain as he swung at my buttocks " Silence in my presence whore!" It felt so painfull as I writhed each stroke but was aroused as I longed he would fuck me with that impressive cock he had. When he was done, I cuold feel my cheeks burning from the sweet pain of command. He came round and lifted my teary struck face and removed my gag " Enough snivelling! Now eat your food!" I looked into the bowl he had given me and started to lap up the meal " I hope you are enjoying that I trust? It's a Special soup I made for you.. he he." I realised that this was no ordinary "soup" but his Own juice mixed with water, Of which I savoured.

As I drank it down he unzipped and began to rub his cock on my arse cheeks, it stang on the belt marks as he circled it on each cheek, I could feel his precum moistening my cheeks as he went near to my slave hole " You like that don't you slave, And you want this because a slut of a sissy like you always craves what you can't give eh dick slave? Yes I like that DICK SLAVE, that is what you will be known as." I was gagging for him to take off the plug and slide inside so much it was making ym restraint hurt "Are youv'e finished, good girl, UP NOW!" and he released the reigns and turned me in the direction of the door but never put my gag back into my mouth. He ordered me forward and as I did he yanked on the chain between my legs and I went tummbing to the straw on the floor " I didn't tell you to lie down did I?" I shook my head nervously in reply and he moved me on to my back " You must be a mind reader Dick Slave! Earlier, I had to poop and realized we had no paper and I wouldn't want to have a filthy behind for Mistress now would I, so please do a good job OR ELSE BITCH!" I realized what he wanted of me and began to try to some how get away from this but knew what was wanted of me to do and accidentally whimpered " please master, i'll do anything, not that noo.!" He placed the front of his boot into my open mouth to muffle my cries " SILENCE DICK SLUT! of course you will do anything, that is your purpose. I am going to take my boot out of that cleaning tool and you will remain SILENT because you ARE going to clean me and then I will find a fit scaulding for that disobedience. DO I MAKE MYSELF CRYTSAL!" I nodded defeatedly.

He turned round with his buttocks facing me and unzipped his PVC knickers all the way round the back to reveal his rear and also to my suprise his cheeks looked like they had some sort of whip marks. He got down onto his knees above my chest and lifted the chain attached to my legs over the back of his neck so ky arse was facing him and as he lowered himself to my face I felt dirty as he then positioned his hot hole at my mouth " LICK IT, FUCKING START LICKING SLUT!" and began to thrash my arse so rough I cried into his hole as I had no choice to lick and the taste was terrible but I had no choice " Ah yes, right there, don't fucking stop mmmmm that's wonderfull." As he whipped me, he grabbed the strap attached to my penis restraint and pulled on it to make me lick, it was so painfully delightfull and I began to enjoy making him happy, so I started to lick deeper and deeper and he moaned more. I could feel him wanking himself slowly untill I felt his hot juice shoot over my legs, stomach and groin, he began to smear it over my body and then reached back to smear my eyes. He stopped and got up " That was beautifull, and now you can clean this." He pulled me up by my hair and made me lick all round his balls before he forced his still hard cock into my tired mouth, he shot again down my throat and held my head untill he'd finished using me. " My my you are quite the filthy whore your Master spoke of, and of course I still haven't forgotten the other little detail!" with that he forced me over the rack placed my gag back in my mouth and took a midget whip to me and gave my still sore cheeks a more painfully delightfull punishment which made me want to cry out so much but dare not!" Never let a word out of that hole again in my precence and how dare you look so filthy!" He forced me onto the floor again and hog chained my neck back to ym ankles and wrists and stood back, he went to the corner and filled a bucket and doused me in water and looked at me with an evil smile" It won't be long before I have you broken Dick Slave!" he walked to the door lokking at me all wet and quietly said before leaving "Sweet dreams my little pet."

Well finally finished that bit. Hope all whoever read will "ENJOY" and I will be back for the next befero thursday! ^-^ xoxoxoxoxoxo


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Friday, July 29th, 2005
5:15 am
Sorry about the wait!
Well the siisy is finally back and I mean BACK! and so very soon I will finish part two of my story! YAY!!! I think I should be punished for being such a dirty little slut seeing as I've been "enjoying" myself in the company of my dildo for too long! Where is a good Master/Mistress to cane you when you really yearn for discipline *sweet thoughts*

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
10:04 am
Hi !!!
Hi everyone, just saying Hello and that the sissy is back for a short while and hopefully I will get to finish what I started!!

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Thursday, March 31st, 2005
2:25 am
I have managed to get a few minutes to write and things may go my way and I will be back here as normal for all to read and fantasize about! Hopefully in the morning I can finish my Pony entry. But for now I just want to say that I'm all alone and feeling very horny *pant, pant*I need and want to be tied down, spanked and have my little sissy arse fucked by a throbbing hot cock and ooze that cream all over my cheeks. This dildo is usually fine, but I want to feel the REAL thing again!! Any offers out there for a slutty slave as I? ^-^

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
9:08 am
Well this might not be a cheerfull entry as I,m not sure how long it will be to write again in here as everything is falling all around me including my living arangements, Everyone is deserting me and in one month I will find out if I still have a roof over my head. Even one of my (which I assumed) best friends said " I can't help, It's your problem."
Ta the moment I might try seeing if I could be a slave prostitute chained in a brothel or something so I wouldn't have to worry about myself, or if anyone would like an obedient little slut like me to have around the house, then I'm up for all takers. I think I will have to cut this short but love to all of you and in the mean time, if anyone would like to be maintainer of "slave_in_silk" while I'm away, please let me know? ~kisses~ xoxoxo Lace

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
9:59 am
Sorry to be writing this, but as I seem to be having a few problems lately, getting online now is becoming impossible for me and I can't seem to get time to write stories in here much lately. I won't be going away forever but I am just going to have to cut it short and say that from this moment< I'm not sure when I will be posting or when. But I will say for the moment that I'd like to give big kisses XOXOXOXOXO to the friends I have made and appreciate all the warmth you give.
^-^ xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Lace
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
8:58 am
Well on with more tales from the gag...

Early one weekend morning I was up making the house clean for my owners and got every thing ready for breakfast. Master came in through the door and summoned me to him " Once we are finished, I want you to dress as we are going out somewhere special." I was ordered to dress in my usual sissy underwear only, I thought this was a bit strange as he made no attempt to puninish or fuck me and felt confused but I did not question Master's orders as I wanted to be a good sissy in his eyes. Master then Took me into the garage " Get in the boot slut and lay face down." He secured my wrists and ankles together, blindfolded me and gagged me then shut the door down. I was very confused by now but also filled with anticipation at this new turn of event, I thought it was some new type of dicipline and wondered what was goung on.
After some time, the car stopped and I Master got out and opened the boot and removed the blindfold and freed my ankle bonds then ordered me out. I winced at the bright light and found that we were in a big garage " come quickly and dont lag!" We walked through a big mansion style house and then down stairs into what looked like stables and Master ordered "Kneel and yes , get a good look at it because this is your home for the next two weeks.", I looked and thought " where are the horses?" I realised that this was not your average stable with all the manacles, shackles, crops and very small riding equipment. A very tall, prim looking brunette lady wearing ankle boots, long pencil skirt and tight red cotton top came walking over and said " Ah so this is the little filly you want under my care is it?" " Yes, well I can't have it hanging around my place getting upto no good while It's Mistress and I are gone can I now." She cupped my cheeks and looked me up and down " Haven't you marked her yet dear?" He replied " No, I thought I'd leave some fun for you." They smiled and she said " What do you call her, you do have a name for her don't you?" " We just call it property as that is what it agreed to when it became our toy." She looked at my body " Well never mind, it doesn't matter as this little flower will be trained to satisfaction as ALL my ponies become prize winners on the circuit, and that goes for this one too dear!" With that she rang a small bell and a man dressed in leather straps with riding boots and handcuffs came running and knelt infront of her and kissed her boots. " This will be her trainer, he is very good and enjoys breaking new show pieces." She released his cuffs and he gave me an evil smile, Master and the woman began to leave " You may begin with your programe." he nodded and as the door closed, he walked over " You will refere to me in nodds only, do not speak or question my word or you will be severely scolded by not only me, but the Mistress of the house and that is something you will remember for a long time bitch!" I nodded with thougths of sweet dicipline. I was then taken to a stable with a rack where I was then fitted with a Bit which went over my head with reigns and my wrists secured to my sides, he then attached a leather srtap to my penis restraint which went over my shoulder, he put a small saddle on my back wiht studs bearting into my skin, he made me wear 6 and half inch heel stap boots and chaind my ankles with a long enough chain to spread my legs in, lastly a leather belt around my shoulders and neck with stirrups attached, He fastened me to the rack with the reigns.
He came round thr front and admired his handy work and I really was aroused by this encapture " You look so pretty now and I bet you are a thirsty thing aren't you?" he came closer, took the Bit trom my mouth and unzipped his fly to reveale his pulsatingly erect cock. My eyes widened at his size, he grabbed the back of my head and as he entered my mouth he moanede " That's it, drink it slut and drink it all, he burst his hot liquid down my throat and began to crop my cheeks which felt so painfully delightfull and the thought just made me frustrated at the fact i couldn't release, but his strokes made me realise why and just continued to suck and drink untill he finished, then I had to clean him up. He put the bit the Bit back in my mouth and made me kneel donw in which he bonded my wrists to my ankles and swiched off the light saying " Dont worry flower, I will be back tomorrow to start your training, this was only my trust part of which you will give all to me." and then left.

I will tell the rest of this tomorrow, I am sorry for laeving anyone insuspense but I have to get going for now and once again my appologies!!! Love you all ^-^ ~kisses~

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Thursday, March 10th, 2005
10:49 am
Hi everyone, Sorry about not posting any stories today as I have to go and do things I can't get out of. But be sure I will be posting on Tuesday with more stories from the gag, that sounds like a good title eh? And All I will say is.. Youv'e heard fo the "pony girl" right? well this one is in those lines( with me as the pony) Well I will have to go right now but *kisses* to everyone to have a great weekend and have fun, as I know I will!! ^-^

xoxoxoxo Lace ;D

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
9:07 pm
feel free to read what happened to Yours Truly on International Womens Day:

It's Womens Day And I Have A New Male SlaveCollapse )


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8:42 am
Another day.......

Mistress had gone away for a few days, so I was left in the capable hands of Master who had been looking forward to "playtime" alone with his property.I was just finishing toilet duty when Master summoned me to the bedroom and ordered " Right now I want you to change to your deviant punk slut attire, be quick about it before I lose my patience with you whore and then come to the kitchen." I quickly replied " As you wish Master." I was feeling quite excited over it as I love that style, I put on my feathery suspenders,seamed nylons with 6" stiletto heels, my PVC mini skirt, my "Destroy" sleevless T'shirt and black make-up with a blown look to my hair.
I clipped along to the kitchen in my heels and stood in the corner as I had been trained to, Master got up and looked " turn." he ordered and gave a grin with " you were quick weren't you slut, tyring to please me eh? Well come with me." I was lead by the lead attached to my restraint back into the bedroom, I was ordered on to the bed to cuff my own wrists to the inside of my ankles and then Master attached a spreader to my bonds. He got up from the bed smiling at me " I am going to reward my property soon, but I have to go out, so Don't go anywhere will you." He was gone for about thirty minutes and when he returned, he changed into shorts and a tank top. I could see the outline of his cock trying to rip through his shorts and I couldn't help looking and feeling aroused by the thought of the ananl abuse I would hopefully recieve. he looked at me grinning " Yes, you dirty little whore, You want your Master's meat, You know the penalty for wanting don't you." I nodded and went round and got behind me on the bed, and he snapped " How dare you look at your master, Did I give you permission to look?!" I shook my head and looked straight ahead "Well then do as I order!"
He took off his clothes and started to caress my buttocks with his finger tips and moving them along my back, he lent over gently and grabbed my hair pulling my head back whispering in my ear " You are such a temping little whore that if I could I'd have you in this position all the time to fullfill my desires as you were born to pleasure me when I want" I felt myself trying to stiffen, but the restraint began to remind me why I couldn't. With him gyrating his hot hard cock in my crack the feeling and pain of frustration was killing me, he grabbed and fondled my balls " Awww, is it hurting not to release, You know your place slave as you should by now!" and he continued to tease me by rubbing his cock around my buttocks. He then said "Okay slut I give you permission to speak, so speak to me." I huffed out in frustration " Thankyou Master, Please fuck me , fuck me NOW!, I can't stand it anymore, I need to feel my Master's love, I promise I will be a good piece of property and take my punishment, oh please Master, PLEASE!" and with that he tugged on my restraint " SILENCE SLAVE!, for that I'm going to give you what you deserve." He got up and went to get his cane and said while pulling my hair "Hold still" and began to give me a painfull hiding. I screamed in tears as he thrashed me" I'm sorry Master, I'm sorry Master!" With that he ball gagged my mouth and continued with every stroke " Do not question your master bitch, you will do as I order, now stop crying you little sissy and obey MY words!" I felt exhausted but i couldn't relax as how I was bonded.
Master resumed his position and began to finger me which was a very stimulating and painfull experience. He said "Any more remarks and I will give you the same again slut." At long last he lubed me up and began to enter my hole and then thrusting slowly and building up speed he spanked my throbbing marked cheeks, He began to shoot inside as I felt the hot fluid fill inside then he pulled out to spurt over my cheeks and it stang as he rubbed it in and around my groin. he got up and took off my gag and I had to clean him with my mouth. I was untied and told to clean up my dirty slut self where I was told to report back for further dicipline for having a filthy hide.
I love being dominated!! xoxoxo

I hope you enjoy and happy reading!!! xoxoxoxo ^-^

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
11:09 am
I don't really have the time to write a proper hello, but I am pleased to have been invited to this community in its early stages. Nice to meet you all, and I look forward to learning more about everyone.
5:33 pm
Greetings. Thank you for the invite, lacedinlace, and a big hello to other members too ;)

~Mistress L~
10:58 am
Hi everyone!

Thank you for the invite, Laid. I'm sorry you had trouble in the other lists... I guess some people just like to go on power trips or something *shrugs*

Anyway, I'll try and post some nice hot fantasies in here, if you want :)
5:21 am
Well and onwith the next installment of my jounal..

One early Saturday morning while still very sleepy and exhausted from having my head strapped round D's waist where I was forced to be his "oral relief" by having to suck his cock for two hours straight while he spured my posteria with Mistresses mini whip and pulling on my hair to the sound of him saying "Show D what a good bride sissy will be slut, your purpose is to satisfy me and as long as I say, you work my tool bitch!". I just started to wake in my uncomfortable bonds as D had hog tied me to the footboard to prepare for my "Big Day", I lay silently for a while Anticipating what they meant by "bride", I could feel myself trying to harden at the thought of being made to wear a weding gown, but the restraint made it very painfull and I felt warm inside knowing that Master approved of Mistresses penis gag. A short time after Master and Mistress returned home from a night out to go clubbing and Master said " I hope our toy will like her attire, Mistress entered the bedroom with a bag in one hand and her whip in the other, she cracked the whip over my buttocks and I cried out into my gag as she smiled "I hope you are awake as I really dont want to call you again!" I nodded sharply looking up at her as ahe produced a pair of tweezers and whispered " You need a make over my girl". She untied me from the footboard and laid me flat still very much secured, she sat on my chest and wedged my head between her knees and said as she started "This wont hurt a bit." Mistress began to pluck my eyebrows and the pain was unbearably sharp, I tried to struggle to make her stop, but she just smiled carried on. As i struggled more she frowned " Now I will teach you to obey your Mistress." she got off me, flung me over on the bed, pulled my hair, dug her spiked heel into my back and began to whip my arse so hard I cried and tensed as she struck harder. Master walked in saying with a smile " I see you have everything in control." and left, After a few minutes she continued with the eyebrows. Mistress gave me a re-shave to look pretty for my day "There, just how a sissy bride should be eh? I nodded.
Mistress went out to get my "outfit" it was all light pink with bows and ribbons, Mistress procceeded to dress me, I had silk seamed stocking with 6" pink peeptoe strap shoes decorated in daisies and Mistress laced me into the tightest pink satin corset and managed to go so tight I could hardly breathe. Mistress re-glued my breasts to fit better, There was only a whisp of a skirt compared to the pettycoats I wora and the head peice was all laced into my hair but as she said "This is the crowning glory of my masterpiece!" She decorated my penis restraint, butt plug and ballgag with ribbons and daisies, when she finished I was paraded infront of Master of to his approval of their slave bride, Master called D to come over to begin.
D arrived and remarked " So our little siiy is ready then." I was made to kneel down in the middle of the room and Master and Mistress on either side as D began, "Do we take this slave to pleasure, gratify and serve only us if and when we want, to use and abuse at our leisure?" they both said "Of course." I was prommpted to nod in agreement by a lead Mistress had attached to my restrait, when she tugged on it I nodded, D said " So lets get down and cellebrate our ceremony." Mistress sat down and removed her panties and I has my gag removed to begin licking her sweet cunny to an orgasm while being croped for encouregment at Mistresses order, she moaned for more as Master commented "At least you have somethiing to plaesure a woman with." Once she was done, I had to dildo fuck her with my hand and clean her and the dildo with my tongue. Then came Master and D's turn, both presented me thier hard cocks of which I was then ordered to suck both at the same time, and I enjoyed the feeling of both sliding to my throat and drinking all they had.
After I was ordered to clean up, I was taken to the "chair" to be punnished by Mistress for being a dirty little wife with her whip before both Master and D used both my holes for their pleasure and one after another took turns in each hole to fill my slutty bride's body with sweet cock juice. I was strapped on the chair with the dildo splitting me in two and re-gaged and left to await the next punnishment as thier newly wedded piece of property.

I hope you enjoy and happy reading!!!! xoxoxo

Lacedinlace ;)

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
12:06 pm
I will be writing again after the weekend again, sorry I didn,t write much this week as I have had a few problems with some official bodies but should be on track again on Tuesday!! So then I will tell of the "wedding"!!! ;D

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10:15 am
Here is a nice one!!!!

I had been cleaning Master's toilet as he had ordered before he left for work and I Thought about the fact that Master told me as he inspected my restraint by pulling at sharply " You will be OUR little sissy bride soon, all this love I give to you should be respected and I still find my property disobeying me by not being able to control itself in its knickers!" I winced with pain as he pulled harder on the restraint and then began to unzip his package. He then ordered " On your knees whore and do your duty!" I then put out my tongue as he moved my head toward his very hard cock, of which he had me lick his balls,I licked up and down his meat befeore having it thrust to the back of my throat as my head was pivoted back and forth by my hair. He pulled on my hair to as he unloaded in my mouth "That's it, drink every drop slut and dont spill any now as otherwise our friend Mr crop will pay your harlotte arse a visit. I drank everything he gave thinking this is heaven to be able to serve Master so well. He lifted my head away and remarked " I see I will have to dicipline you once more for a having a dirty mouth!"! I wasn't sure what he meant as I had done what he ordered trying to be a good girl, I was hogtied on his bed, gagged and my rear in the air. I was waiting to be cropped but I cried out into the gag in so much pain as I felt a whispy wire strike my balls over and over again and I was crying with every strike, as I tried to look, I felt it harder " How dare you look, face forward slut!" I cried facing rorward, struggling to plead with Master to stop, but the more I moved, the more he hit. After a while he stopped and laid beside me softly saying " I wont tollerate a dirty girl in my house, and this is what happens whan you dont comply, so stop blubbering as I think Mistress will be very pleased about this form of punnishment as much as you enjoyed receiving it RIGHT?!" I just limply nodded as he untied me and ordered me into my maid attire and attached a collar to me and fastened it to the bath handle with a long lead and padlock. I was ordered to finish my duties and he lrft saying " Whrn I return, You WILL let your Mistress have her way with my new punnishment regime" I just nodded in agreement and he left giggling to himself as I tried to imagine what Mistress would have up her sleeve later.

Well I will leave it there for now, but dont worry as I will be telling the tale of my "wedding" to master and Mistress. ;)

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