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Well on with more tales from the gag...

Early one weekend morning I was up making the house clean for my owners and got every thing ready for breakfast. Master came in through the door and summoned me to him " Once we are finished, I want you to dress as we are going out somewhere special." I was ordered to dress in my usual sissy underwear only, I thought this was a bit strange as he made no attempt to puninish or fuck me and felt confused but I did not question Master's orders as I wanted to be a good sissy in his eyes. Master then Took me into the garage " Get in the boot slut and lay face down." He secured my wrists and ankles together, blindfolded me and gagged me then shut the door down. I was very confused by now but also filled with anticipation at this new turn of event, I thought it was some new type of dicipline and wondered what was goung on.
After some time, the car stopped and I Master got out and opened the boot and removed the blindfold and freed my ankle bonds then ordered me out. I winced at the bright light and found that we were in a big garage " come quickly and dont lag!" We walked through a big mansion style house and then down stairs into what looked like stables and Master ordered "Kneel and yes , get a good look at it because this is your home for the next two weeks.", I looked and thought " where are the horses?" I realised that this was not your average stable with all the manacles, shackles, crops and very small riding equipment. A very tall, prim looking brunette lady wearing ankle boots, long pencil skirt and tight red cotton top came walking over and said " Ah so this is the little filly you want under my care is it?" " Yes, well I can't have it hanging around my place getting upto no good while It's Mistress and I are gone can I now." She cupped my cheeks and looked me up and down " Haven't you marked her yet dear?" He replied " No, I thought I'd leave some fun for you." They smiled and she said " What do you call her, you do have a name for her don't you?" " We just call it property as that is what it agreed to when it became our toy." She looked at my body " Well never mind, it doesn't matter as this little flower will be trained to satisfaction as ALL my ponies become prize winners on the circuit, and that goes for this one too dear!" With that she rang a small bell and a man dressed in leather straps with riding boots and handcuffs came running and knelt infront of her and kissed her boots. " This will be her trainer, he is very good and enjoys breaking new show pieces." She released his cuffs and he gave me an evil smile, Master and the woman began to leave " You may begin with your programe." he nodded and as the door closed, he walked over " You will refere to me in nodds only, do not speak or question my word or you will be severely scolded by not only me, but the Mistress of the house and that is something you will remember for a long time bitch!" I nodded with thougths of sweet dicipline. I was then taken to a stable with a rack where I was then fitted with a Bit which went over my head with reigns and my wrists secured to my sides, he then attached a leather srtap to my penis restraint which went over my shoulder, he put a small saddle on my back wiht studs bearting into my skin, he made me wear 6 and half inch heel stap boots and chaind my ankles with a long enough chain to spread my legs in, lastly a leather belt around my shoulders and neck with stirrups attached, He fastened me to the rack with the reigns.
He came round thr front and admired his handy work and I really was aroused by this encapture " You look so pretty now and I bet you are a thirsty thing aren't you?" he came closer, took the Bit trom my mouth and unzipped his fly to reveale his pulsatingly erect cock. My eyes widened at his size, he grabbed the back of my head and as he entered my mouth he moanede " That's it, drink it slut and drink it all, he burst his hot liquid down my throat and began to crop my cheeks which felt so painfully delightfull and the thought just made me frustrated at the fact i couldn't release, but his strokes made me realise why and just continued to suck and drink untill he finished, then I had to clean him up. He put the bit the Bit back in my mouth and made me kneel donw in which he bonded my wrists to my ankles and swiched off the light saying " Dont worry flower, I will be back tomorrow to start your training, this was only my trust part of which you will give all to me." and then left.

I will tell the rest of this tomorrow, I am sorry for laeving anyone insuspense but I have to get going for now and once again my appologies!!! Love you all ^-^ ~kisses~
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