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Well and onwith the next installment of my jounal..

One early Saturday morning while still very sleepy and exhausted from having my head strapped round D's waist where I was forced to be his "oral relief" by having to suck his cock for two hours straight while he spured my posteria with Mistresses mini whip and pulling on my hair to the sound of him saying "Show D what a good bride sissy will be slut, your purpose is to satisfy me and as long as I say, you work my tool bitch!". I just started to wake in my uncomfortable bonds as D had hog tied me to the footboard to prepare for my "Big Day", I lay silently for a while Anticipating what they meant by "bride", I could feel myself trying to harden at the thought of being made to wear a weding gown, but the restraint made it very painfull and I felt warm inside knowing that Master approved of Mistresses penis gag. A short time after Master and Mistress returned home from a night out to go clubbing and Master said " I hope our toy will like her attire, Mistress entered the bedroom with a bag in one hand and her whip in the other, she cracked the whip over my buttocks and I cried out into my gag as she smiled "I hope you are awake as I really dont want to call you again!" I nodded sharply looking up at her as ahe produced a pair of tweezers and whispered " You need a make over my girl". She untied me from the footboard and laid me flat still very much secured, she sat on my chest and wedged my head between her knees and said as she started "This wont hurt a bit." Mistress began to pluck my eyebrows and the pain was unbearably sharp, I tried to struggle to make her stop, but she just smiled carried on. As i struggled more she frowned " Now I will teach you to obey your Mistress." she got off me, flung me over on the bed, pulled my hair, dug her spiked heel into my back and began to whip my arse so hard I cried and tensed as she struck harder. Master walked in saying with a smile " I see you have everything in control." and left, After a few minutes she continued with the eyebrows. Mistress gave me a re-shave to look pretty for my day "There, just how a sissy bride should be eh? I nodded.
Mistress went out to get my "outfit" it was all light pink with bows and ribbons, Mistress procceeded to dress me, I had silk seamed stocking with 6" pink peeptoe strap shoes decorated in daisies and Mistress laced me into the tightest pink satin corset and managed to go so tight I could hardly breathe. Mistress re-glued my breasts to fit better, There was only a whisp of a skirt compared to the pettycoats I wora and the head peice was all laced into my hair but as she said "This is the crowning glory of my masterpiece!" She decorated my penis restraint, butt plug and ballgag with ribbons and daisies, when she finished I was paraded infront of Master of to his approval of their slave bride, Master called D to come over to begin.
D arrived and remarked " So our little siiy is ready then." I was made to kneel down in the middle of the room and Master and Mistress on either side as D began, "Do we take this slave to pleasure, gratify and serve only us if and when we want, to use and abuse at our leisure?" they both said "Of course." I was prommpted to nod in agreement by a lead Mistress had attached to my restrait, when she tugged on it I nodded, D said " So lets get down and cellebrate our ceremony." Mistress sat down and removed her panties and I has my gag removed to begin licking her sweet cunny to an orgasm while being croped for encouregment at Mistresses order, she moaned for more as Master commented "At least you have somethiing to plaesure a woman with." Once she was done, I had to dildo fuck her with my hand and clean her and the dildo with my tongue. Then came Master and D's turn, both presented me thier hard cocks of which I was then ordered to suck both at the same time, and I enjoyed the feeling of both sliding to my throat and drinking all they had.
After I was ordered to clean up, I was taken to the "chair" to be punnished by Mistress for being a dirty little wife with her whip before both Master and D used both my holes for their pleasure and one after another took turns in each hole to fill my slutty bride's body with sweet cock juice. I was strapped on the chair with the dildo splitting me in two and re-gaged and left to await the next punnishment as thier newly wedded piece of property.

I hope you enjoy and happy reading!!!! xoxoxo

Lacedinlace ;)
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